A child’s talent will motivate their life

YARUKI Switch Group Philosophy

We are dedicated to finding the jewel within every single
child of the world and providing full support to make
that jewel shine,
consequently contributing to a society in which
individuals, with their YARUKI Switch ON,
live happily by performing to the best of their abilities.

This is the philosophy that we have commited
to since our foundation and have made
continuous efforts to make a reality.


An international network of 2,200 schools, from individual education to sports. YARUKI Switch group is a general education group with individual education cram schools, early childhood classes, kids sports schools,
English conversation schools for children, English afterschool childcare, bilingual kindergarten and childcare facilities throughout Japan.
We support the education of over 130,000 children in 2,200 schools within Japan and internationally.
We cheer on the dreams and lives of children around the world by finding the jewel inside each and every single one and explore the infinite possibilities within them.