Business details

FC Business

Beginning just over 20 ago with its establishment in 1997, our Franchise Business has grown to more than 1,500 schools in Japan and internationally.
It continues to grow, and as of March 2021, is supported by over 60,000 students and their parents.

Franchise Division

Strengths of the Franchise Business

Each one of our brands has a Franchise Division that develops franchise schools under owners who agree with our philosophy.
Each Franchise Division works closely with the Directly Managed Business to update teaching methods and maximize profit contributing to an
increase in value for the entire Franchise Network.

Sales ratio

No. of franchise schools

Individual Cram school business and Early childhood business

While the our founding Cram school business holds approximately 60% of franchise schools, the Early childhood business’s percentage has been increasing due to the number of brands it possesses.
The Franchise business allows faster school expansion rate compared to the directly managed business and is a core business for us.


An international network of 2,200 schools, from individual education to sports. YARUKI Switch group is a general education group with individual education cram schools, early childhood classes, kids sports schools,
English conversation schools for children, English afterschool childcare, bilingual kindergarten and childcare facilities throughout Japan.
We support the education of over 130,000 children in 2,200 schools within Japan and internationally.
We cheer on the dreams and lives of children around the world by finding the jewel inside each and every single one and explore the infinite possibilities within them.