About us

YARUKI Switch Group Philosophy

We are dedicated to finding the jewel within every single child of the world

and providing full support to make that jewel shine,

consequently contributing to a society in which individuals, with their YARUKI Switch ON,

live happily by performing to the best of their abilities.

This is our Group’s philosophy.
Children can have many talents: innate skills, developed in their social life, studies or even from interacting with various individuals.
Our goal is to support them to quickly discover, polish and develop these talents.
By doing so, we help them gain the confidence to take their first steps in whatever they choose to do. We call this activating their YARUKI Switch.
We believe our mission is to boost their motivation by activating that switch, consequently leading to children being able to manifest their individuality and carve out their own path in society and in life.


YARUKI Switch: A lifetime treasure for every single child of the world

In life, you will inevitably have trials to face.
If you have the will - or in other words, the motivation - to face it with determination, you can overcome any hardship.
Those who have succeeded when challenged are able to turn that joy into self-confidence and push themselves to grow further. Motivation is the very first step to carve your own path in life.
YARUKI Switch Group’s education is tailored to bring out the motivation within every single child and polish their Power of Independence.
We go beyond their studies to support the lives and dreams of children.
This is YARUKI Switch Group.

Our Wish

The power to shine and lead a happy life to every single child of the world

With over 40 years of experience behind us, the YARUKI Switch Group operates with three distinct pillars.
Our hope is for children to be able to work hard when it comes to both study and non-academic pursuits, and for them to take on challenges leading to their dreams.
The YARUKI Switch approach works towards the unlimited possibilities each child has.

Find and cultivate talent

Some children are good at schoolwork, while others may have a gift for languages, or be natural athletes.
All children have their own Jewels, and they need to be discovered, polished and fostered.
From these talents children derive motivation and confidence.

Accumulate successful experiences

Life is like an invisible staircase we all have to climb. We discover our dreams, set goals to achieve them, and then
act on our own accord.
The experience of achieving goals on their own encourages children to set their next goal, and before they know it, they are in awe of how much they have achieved thus far.
We at YARUKI Swich support children as they independently climb their own staircases with delight and pride one step at a time.

Nurture the Power of Independence

Through discovering their Jewels and striving to polish them, children will recognize that they have special talents, unique to them. Abilities that no one else has. These budding talents are the “Power of Independence.” Rather than an all-encompassing, comprehensive competence, we want children to pride themselves in their own unique expertise. This is the power that will allow children to carve out their own futures as they mature to fulfill their roles in society.


An international network of 2,200 schools, from individual education to sports. YARUKI Switch group is a general education group with individual education cram schools, early childhood classes, kids sports schools,
English conversation schools for children, English afterschool childcare, bilingual kindergarten and childcare facilities throughout Japan.
We support the education of over 130,000 children in 2,200 schools within Japan and internationally.
We cheer on the dreams and lives of children around the world by finding the jewel inside each and every single one and explore the infinite possibilities within them.