Business details

How can we maximize the potential of children?

Expectations for education services are changing with technological advancements and globalization.
In order to create a better future for children, we have aimed to be an organization that is constantly challenging existing ideas.
Although we have started as a cram school, we have expanded to pre-school education, English childcare, bilingual kindergartens, kids sports and more, and continue to work towards children’s infinite possibilites.

Two pillars of business

Business Domain

Our Group has two businesses at its core: cram school business and early childhood education business.
We continue to expand in order to satisfy various demands, supporting children from elementary school to university entrance exams with the former and from pre-school to elementary school with the latter.

Directly managed business and
Franchise business

Tutoring school business

Early childhood education business

Each of our brands and businesses are not only operated directly by our Group, but also managed with the support of our franchise owners who share in our philosophy.

In our directly managed schools, we constantly experiment with new ideas to stay updated and devise new teaching methods.
With that know-how, we maintain a high standard of quality education by quickly implementing those ideas in our franchise schools.


An international network of 2,300 schools, from individual education cram schools to intellectual, English education. YARUKI Switch Group is a comprehensive education group operating individual education cram schools, early childhood classes, kids sports schools, English conversation schools, after-school childcare in English, bilingual kindergartens and bilingual childcare facilities, nationwide and internationally.
We support the education of over 130,000 children in 2,300 schools within Japan and internationally.
We cheer on the dreams and lives of children around the world by finding the jewel inside each and every single one and explore the infinite possibilities within them.