Basic policy on exclusion of antisocial forces

YARUKI Switch Group Basic policy on exclusion of antisocial forces

YARUKI Switch Group Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (YARUKI Switch Careers Co., Ltd.) is taking actions against antisocial forces. Should a correspondent fall under any of the following items and the transaction is deemed inappropriate, it will be halted.

(1) If it belongs to any of the following categories:

Organized crime groups, organized crime group members, associate members of organized crime groups, organizations with ties to organized crime groups, extortionists, racketeering organizations, specialized organized crime groups, and others equivalent to these.

(2) If it partakes or utilizes a third party to partake in any of the following:

Violent demands, unreasonable demands that exceed legal responsibilities, threatening words and actions or use of violence in transactions, actions that damage the trust of our company by using power or circulating rumors and fraud or interferes with the business of our company, and others equivalent to these.


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