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Company Overview

Company Name (English Name)
YARUKI Switch Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
Established in
January 2020
President and CEO
Naoshi Takahashi
104-0032 Hatchobori Daiichi Seimei Building, 2- 24-2 Hatchobori, Chuo City, Tokyo
Corporate website URL
Service website URL
Fiscal year
March 1st to February 28th of the following year
No. of employees
27 *excluding executive directors (as of February 2023)
Business details
Business management, office work and business policy formulation, etc. for the group and shareholders
Main correspondent bank
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Main business location
104-0032 Hatchobori Daiichi Seimei Building, 2- 24-2 Hatchobori, Chuo City, Tokyo
YARUKI Switch Group Co., Ltd.
YARUKI Switch Careers Co., Ltd.
YP Switch Co., Ltd.
TBS HOLDINGS, INC. (https://www.tbsholdings.co.jp/)
Sanrio Company, Ltd. (https://corporate.sanrio.co.jp/)
Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc. (https://www.nomura-re-hd.co.jp/)
Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. (https://top.meitetsu.co.jp/)
(as of June 29, 2023)


30-second walk from exit A4 of the Hatchobori Station, Hibiya Line
1 minute walk from exit B1 of the Hatchobori Station, JR Keiyo Line


An international network of 2,200 schools, from individual education to sports. YARUKI Switch group is a general education group with individual education cram schools, early childhood classes, kids sports schools,
English conversation schools for children, English afterschool childcare, bilingual kindergarten and childcare facilities throughout Japan.
We support the education of over 130,000 children in 2,200 schools within Japan and internationally.
We cheer on the dreams and lives of children around the world by finding the jewel inside each and every single one and explore the infinite possibilities within them.